Build. Co-create. Earn.

Be: The Improved Reality


The Coco Times
  • June. 6-Cocobay website goes live!
  • Apr. 22-Cocobay goes in search of its Brand3 version with FLOC*
  • Jan. 10-Cocobay joins Lanzadera

Cocobay is a magic metaverse where impossible goals can become true...

Parcipate in the co-creation of the metaverse of your dreams

Where your time and talent are awarded with NFTs

With the freedom to be yourself

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Why live the Cocobay experience?

A social metaverse with no barriers

  • Own and customize your avatar for free
  • Meet new people and old friends
  • Inspire behaviors to reinvent society

Achieve amazing dreams

  • Interact with cartoonish bots
  • Missions for in-game progress
  • Our motto: We came to play!

Exploit your talent

  • Unlimited fun and entertainment
  • Win exclusive NFTs in competitions
  • Be the real owner of your virtual items

Explore your inner world

  • Own and create islands for FREE
  • Build anything you can imagine
  • Enjoy user-generated experiences
  • Powered by blockchain technology
  • Profit from your talent
  • Islands are free and unlimited
  • User-generated content
  • We are dreamers, creators, bold and social
  • From the community, for the community

Roadmap to the Island

Q4 2022
NFT Platform
  • NFT founders
  • NFT wearables
  • NFT items
Q1 2023
Public token sale
  • Public Sale
Q2 2023
Web Beta
  • Avatar customization
  • Island builder
  • COCO Ranking
Q3 2023
Token IDO
  • Public $COCO availability
  • Use $COCO in NFT shop
Q4 2023
  • NFT secondary market
Q1 2024
Game Beta
  • Cocobay Metaverse
  • Creator Tools
  • NFT Season Pass
Share with us the experience of creating CocobayJoin the Discord